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 Fanta is a beautiful young girl searching for love and adventure. Hayya a disgraced prince with a thirst for power and vengeance.

Set in an ancient Fulani kingdom, it is a story about Power, vengeance and Love.

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Ahmed was running from his past. Coming to Nigeria, he thought he would be able to start afresh and have a normal life.


Sameera also had a past she would like to forget. When she met the handsome stranger with a foreign accent, she thought she had finally found happiness. That is until both their pasts caught up with them.


"The Thin Line" is a story about love and friendship, trust and betrayal, but most of all, the importance of family. 

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It is a collection of poems about Love, Life, Happiness and Faith. Short and Sweet, with a musical theme to it, Hadiza’s ‘With Love’ is sure to provide the reader with hours of poetic entertainment.



The incredible story of Funke Adeniran, a.k.a. Melody, who transcended obstacles to become one of the most iconic music superstars, actresses, writers, philanthropists, and fashion icons of our time. Discover the tears, hard work, joys, and dangers of her journey to fame and how she touched and changed the lives of millions before her untimely death at the young age of thirty-five.

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Fantah by Hadiza Bagudu Fantah by Hadiza Bagudu