"Fantah is a simple Bororo girl from a small nomadic village in West Africa. All she ever wanted was to meet the man of her dreams, fall in love, and live happily ever after. But what she got was a blue blood with an incredible ambition and an ironclad will. He took her on a roller-coaster ride of romance, action, danger, and adventure beyond her imagination.

This story takes you on a journey from the open grasslands of Fombina Empire through the Trans-Saharan trading routes of Borno Kingdom to the unforgiving desert heat of Sudan Kingdom and all the way to the Caliphate of Sokoto.



"I love the originality and uniqueness of this story. There was nothing predictable in this book. I love the grittiness of the story and the twists and turns".


"A  fantastic novel of love, history , adventure and tragedy, which setting cut across the ancient Fombina Empire, the Borno Kingdom and the Sokoto Caliphate".


A political Intrigue!

An engaging Love story!


A tale of Love and war during colonial times!


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"Hayah, determined to win his rightful place on the throne, meets a village girl named Fantah; soon, they embark on a love affair that threatenes to destroy them both."

A political intrigue!

An engaging love story!

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