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ISBN: 9789787919323

"A captivating story of an African rock star!"




Melody was a beautiful young girl Born and bred in Nigeria to a middleclass family. She was a natural born entertainer with a gift for poetry and a lovely voice. She was introduced to music at a very early age and it became the love of her life. Thereafter, her life's goal was to become a music superstar, a dream which she later achieved. But her journey to fame was filled with tears, hard work and joy. Behind the glamor of Hollywood, with its numerous perks were disappointments, heart breaks, back stabbings, scandals, failed relationships and danger.

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Hauwa Isah

"An inspirational story of a young woman's journey to self discovery and actualization. The thought provoking story reveals the inner mind of a poet and an artist."




November 7, 2014. A star had just fallen, literally. Her name was Funke Adeniran. It was on all the major news channels. CNN, BBC, FOX, ALJAZEERA, even the local news channels in Nigeria including the NTA and CHANNELS TV were all alive with the news. The internet was also buzzing. Several social media sites including Facebook and Twitter were alive with millions of fan postings and condolence messages. The mega superstar Funke Adeniran A.K.A Melody had just died. She was on her way back to the United States of America after a family visit to Nigeria. There had been no official confirmation on whether or not she had really died, but her private jet; believed to be carrying her and a crew of twelve had crash landed into the Atlantic ocean shortly after take-off from Murtala Muhammad International airport, Lagos; and rescue teams dispatched and searching for her remains and that of her crew for hours with no success. So she was presumed dead.


There were speculations as to the cause of the crash. Some believed that it was just an accident while many believed otherwise.  Whatever the case, Funke was a very successful and mega talented young lady, who broke the barrier between different genres of music, acting, business and fashion. She was a musician, an actress, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist who had helped save thousands of lives and gave comfort to many more, a fashion designer and a model, just to mention a few. A woman with a heart of gold, no wonder many people were in shock at the news of her death.


Fans came out in droves to mourn her and express their love for her. Hundreds of flowers, candy and teddy bears were placed in front of both her Beverly Hills mansion and her recording studio respectively. Many took to social media to express their sadness while some were seen talking to the different news crews hanging around her house.


She was the Hollywood ‘it’ girl. During her fourteen year career, she had won a total of one Grammy award, including three nominations, two golden globes, thirty one billboard awards and many other entertainment and humanitarian awards, both local and international. In 2010 the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) listed Funke Adeniran as a top selling artist with over seventeen million certified albums sold. She topped the Forbes celebrity 100 list and was titled the highest paid black musician in the world. She had captivated the hearts of millions worldwide and left behind a vast empire worth over eight hundred million dollars.



Who was Funke Adeniran and why did her death have such an effect on millions of people? As an investigative journalist my curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to compile this memoir on her life and achievements. It took me over six months of research and interviewing many of those nearest and dearest to her to get all the information that I needed. So sit back as we take a long nostalgic journey through the life of the Enigma that was Funke Adeniran more lovingly known to her fans as Melody.

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