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ISBN:  9789787919286


A collection of poems



It is a collection of poems about Love,


Life, Happiness and Faith. Short and


Sweet, with a musical theme to it,


Hadiza’s ‘With Love’ is sure to provide


the reader with hours of poetic


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This is it

This is the life she will live.

And it’s all she has got to give.

She will never leave.


But she is contented.

Just what she recommended.

A happiness she created.

For her heart will never be tormented.


The glitz and razzmatazz of the outside.

Would mean nothing to her otherwise.

Because to her, this is just good and nice.

And she will not have it otherwise.


In the dead of the night,

Not a soul in sight,

And the heart is filled with fright,


The Jinn come out to play,

And the witches go after their prey,

All I can do is pray.


Oh God of creation,

I ask for your protection,

Against every bad intention.


Be with me throughout the night,

Until the morning light,

And in Your glory, I shall arise.



My life is blank.

My heart is heavy.

I feel pain in my chest.

Hurtful things run through my mind.


Why? I asked myself.

But the answer is clear.

I have no one to blame but me.

Brought this on myself.

Now, I am paying the price.


Will there ever be light at the end?

They say the darkest hour is just before dawn.

I hope this is the darkest,

‘Because I can’t take no more.

I hope I will use the lessons I have learned,

and pray God to be beside me


Alexa Young, CA

"This is an awe-inspiring collection of poems. The range of topics is impressive, and each poem is unique and thought-provoking. The writing style is engaging and captivating, and each poem is filled with vivid imagery that draws the reader in. The poems cover many emotions, from despair and sadness to joy and happiness. The poems are also quite profound, exploring ideas of love betrayal of faith, and life. This is an excellent collection of poems that will leave the reader feeling uplifted and inspired."
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