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Concrete Wall


"Unlock your imagination with the power of my poetic words!"



Full moon so fair, so bright!
A silver jewel in the sky,
You illuminate the darkest night, 
With a warm and gentle light

Your presence calms my troubled heart ❤️ 
With memories of a love far apart,
A dream 💕 of peace and solace
A promise to be united at last ✨️


A traveler's guide a constant freind,
Through every twist and bend,
A reprieve in times of strain,
A loyal companion to the end


Oh moon, my love 💓 transient, 
I loose myself in your warm embrace
A soothing relief for every pain
A vision of beauty and grace


© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu



This is it

This is the life she will live

And it’s all she has got to give

She will never leave

But she is contented

Just what she recommended

A happiness she created

For her heart will never be tormented

The glitz and razzmatazz of the outside

Would mean nothing to her otherwise

Because to her, this is just good and nice

And she will not have it other wise

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu



Salahuddin, a name that echoes through time,

A warrior king, whose legend does shine,

His courage and strength, a beacon of light,

A symbol of honor, a gallant knight.

Born in a land of turmoil and strife,

He rose above, to lead a new life,

A champion of justice, a defender of faith,

His sword and heart, his people's safe.


With skill and might, he fought on the field,

A fearless warrior, who refused to yield,

Against the Crusaders, he stood tall,

A defender of his people, who answered the call.


His victories were many, his enemies few,

His heart filled with mercy, his soul true,

His legacy lives on, in stories and lore,

A hero of the East, forevermore.


Salahaddin, a name that inspires,

A hero of honor, whose heart inspires,

His legacy lives on, in tales and song,

A symbol of hope, forever strong.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Hurricane Map


Passions collided as we became one.
Our whirlwind romance had just begun.
Can you see the eye of the storm?

Together, our love is perfectly warmed.


Our love moves with high acceleration,
Ferocious, in the same direction.
You are my lightning, and I'm your gong.
Together, we create a love so strong.


Our love should last forevermore.
Intense and passionate, at its core.
We've ruffled the seas and chased the sails.
Together, our love never fails.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Hydrangeas in Bloom


The morning sun rises with grace,

Birds sing melodies to embrace,


Soft breeze whispers of love and peace, Flowers bloom in colors to seize,


Embrace the beauty of the day,

Love and joy, found in every way.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu



Amidst the concrete jungle, the stars below ignite,
City lights that gleam so bright, a wondrous sight.

These beacons of civilization, a constellation of their own,
A symphony of chaos, a harmony yet unknown.

In the city's hustle and bustle, a heartbeat of its own,
Amidst the noise and chaos, a serenade to be shown.


Oh, stars below, how you shine so bright,
In the darkest of nights, you are the guiding light.

A thousand tales of love and heartache,
In the shadows of skyscrapers, secrets do they make.

The city, like a lover, tempts and draws us near,
With the promise of adventure, and joy, and fear.

And as we wander through the city's endless streets,
The stars below, they guide our weary feet.

Oh, dear, how you perceived the grace of the city's sight,
A luminous mirroring of the cosmos above, in this metropolis delight.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu



Travel while you're young, dear friend,
Let your spirit roam and bend,
Explore new lands and sights unseen,
Discover wonders yet to glean.


Experience things you've never known,
Expand your mind, let it be blown,
Embrace the cultures that you find,
Let them leave a mark on your mind.

Taste the foods you've never tried,
Let your palate be your guide,
Feel the wind and let it blow,
Let it take you where you don't know.


Meet new people, make new friends,
Discover how their story blends,
Share your own and let them see,
The beauty of your own journey.


Travel while you're young, my dear,
Don't wait until your path is clear,
For life is fleeting, time is short,
And there's a world of wonder to be sought.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu



Give yourself permission to be happy,
To let your heart soar and your spirit free.
Don't let past sorrows or future worries,
Keep you from living fully and feeling joyfully.


Life is fleeting, and time flies fast,
So cherish each moment and make it last.
Find beauty in the simple things around,
And let happiness in; let it be found.


Give yourself permission to laugh and play,
To dance and sing, to enjoy each day.
Don't let the weight of the world hold you down,
Find joy in the moments, and let happiness abound.


Release the guilt and the shame that binds,
Open your heart and free your mind.
Choose happiness; let it be your guide,
Embrace the journey and enjoy the ride.


Give yourself permission to be happy,
To embrace the present, let the past be.
Live life with purpose, with love and light,
And happiness will be your constant sight.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Sunset Sailboats


I have sailed through terrible storms,
Big waves and whirlpools so b
Lost my crew and my life,
The captain always goes down with the ship, I'm told.


I have lived through wars so vast,
Violence and senseless bloodshed so real,
Led my men gladly to their deaths,
For glory and for honor, I still feel.


But nothing compares to loving you,
Matters of the heart are complicated, it's true,
You bring peace to my life so bright,
In the turmoil of my heart, you are the calm, my light.


Earthquakes and volcanoes, disasters so grim,
Tsunamis and hurricanes with their fury and whim,
Let the world overturn on its feet, I don’t care,
As long as I have you, my love, nothing can compare.


© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu



I'm an introvert; hear me say,
My thoughts and feelings held at bay,

A quiet soul, who often shies,
Away from crowds and people's eyes.


But in my silence, I find my strength,
A space to think and go at length,
To dive into my deepest mind,
And leave the noise and chaos behind.


I'm not one for the spotlight's glare,
Or parties where I must beware,
Of small talk and shallow chat,
That leaves me feeling drained and flat.


But in a book or a quiet space,
I find my joy and my own pace,
To explore the world and my own heart,
And grow into the person I want


So please don't judge or try to change,
The way I am, the way I arrange,
My world to suit my introverted soul,
For in my quietness, I feel whole.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu



In the heart of Nigeria lies a city so grand,
Abuja, the capital, so beautiful and so
With towering skyscrapers, and bustling streets,
A vibrant culture, that's sure to meet.


From the green rolling hills to the modern skyline,
Abuja's beauty is a sight so sublime.
A melting pot of culture and rich history,
A city that's filled with so much mystery.


The National Mosque, with its majestic dome,
Is a symbol of faith, and a spiritual home.
The National Stadium, with its grandeur and might,
Is where we come together to cheer and unite.


From the shopping malls to the food bazaars,
Abuja has it all, with no shortage of stars.
A place where everyone, can find their niche,
A city that's full of life, and never a glitch.


So tick-tock goes the clock, as time keeps on moving,
But in Abuja, life's a journey worth pursuing.
With each step we take, we leave our mark,
And in Abuja, we create a legacy so stark.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu




I had a dream about the sky and the heavens above,

Sprinkled with stars and the moon like diamonds.

I looked up and behold,

I was the brightest star of them all!

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu



A hijab full of grace,
Your beauty is hidden but in its place,
A radiance shines from within,
A light that brightens from your skin.


The beauty that we cannot see,
It's more than what meets the eye to be,
It's the kindness and love that you exude,
That makes your spirit beautiful and renewed.


The hijab, it serves to veil,
A symbol of strength that cannot fail,
For in its embrace, you find your power,
To live with purpose and shine every hour.


Your face, it beams with a light,
That brings joy and peace to the sight,
It's a reflection of your soul's beauty,
A beacon of hope and love for all to see.


So, wear your hijab with pride,
And let your radiance shine inside,
For in your grace, we find our way,
To love and kindness every day.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu



My best friend is solitude,
A constant companion, kind and true,
Always there when I need a break,
From the hustle and bustle, the noise and shake.


With solitude, I find my peace,
A moment to breathe, a chance to release,
The worries and fears that plague my mind,
And leave me feeling lost and blind.


Solitude listens without judgment or voice,
Giving me space to make my own choice,
To find the answers I seek inside,
And discover the truths I cannot hide.


It's not a lonely place, as some may say,
But rather, a sanctuary, where I can play,
With thoughts and dreams that take me far,
And help me to become who I truly are.


So I cherish my friend solitude,
For all the peace and joy it's imbued,
And i am grateful for the space to grow,
Into the person, I want to know.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

City Lights


In the dead of the night,

Not a soul in sight,

And the heart is filled with fright!

The Jinn come out to play,

And the witches go after their prey,

All I can do is pray.

Oh God of creation,

I ask for your protection,

Against every bad intention.

Be with me throughout the night,

Until the morning light,

And in Your glory I shall arise!

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu



Upon a hill, with skies so grey,

A lonely blue flower swayed and lay,

Its petals drooped, its spirit low,

A melancholic site to show.

The flower once was full of life,

Its blue hue shining, free from strife,

But now it sits, with head bowed down,

As tears of dew fall to the ground.

The wind does whisper mournful cries,

As the blue flower slowly dies,

No longer will it see the sun,

It’s rife, like all, will soon be done.

So, let us mourn this flower blue,

And bid it’s sad farewell adieu,

For in its death, we’ll find new life,

And memories of its beauty rife.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Natural Waterfall


Ain’t no shame in crying.

I will never drown in my own tears, But I will conquer my fears.


I cry when I am happy,

I cry when I am lonely.


I cry to make a point,

I cry when I have no choice.


I cry to get some attention,

I cry to release tension.


I cry to express joy,

I cry to tell a story.


I cry when I am sad,

I cry because that’s that.


I cry when I am in pain,

 I cry for the sake of crying.


I will never drown in my own tears,

I will conquer my fears.


Therefore, I feel no shame in crying.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu



Creeping darkness comes at night,

Invading spaces, dimming light,

A weight that is heavy on the chest,

A force that robs of peace and rest.


It slowly crawls and takes its hold,

A thief that steals the joy of the old,

And leaves a void, an emptiness,

A constant ache, a deep distress.


It muffles laughter, dims the sun,

Takes away the joy of fun,

And in its place, it plants a seed,

Of sorrow, pain, and endless need.


Creeping darkness, oh how it creeps,

Into our minds, our souls, it seeps,

But hope remains, a shining light,

That drives away the gloom of night.


Reach out for help, don’t suffer alone,

For there are hands to hold you home,

And in the end, the sun will rise,

To chase away the darkened skies.


© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu




My friend, what did you do today?

Did you visit the sick, or help the needy?

Did you pray for the dead, or laugh with the living?


Did you make new friends or strengthen family ties?

Did you comfort a dying person or save a life?

Did you forgive an enemy or make a new friend?

Did you wipe some one’s tears or put a smile on their face?

Did you learn something new or pass on knowledge?

My friend, what did you do today?

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Road Trip




With a head full of dreams and a heart filled with hope,

I take to the open road,

On a journey to an unknown destination. As the world lay before me, full of promises of good fortune.


All fear and self-doubts shaken away.

The burdens of the past left behind.

The road may be narrow, and my vision limited,

But I have to keep going, come what may.




So goodbyyyye, goodbyyyye my love,

I am going to pick up my things and go. Goodbyyyye, goodbyyyye my love,

I've lost my heart to the open road. (x2)



My curiosity keeps pushing me forward. My determination and zeal are my weapons.

Even though I cannot see beyond the horizon.

To achieve my dreams, I have to be anywhere but here.



The next chapter of my life is about to be written, and I hold the pen.

I thirst for adventure and hunger for knowledge.

I may or may not get there, that is not the point.

The lesson is in the journey itself; life must be lived to the fullest.





Trying to stand apart from the crowd, in a world of conformity.

That is the hardest battle to keep fighting. So, I am going to trust my heart and be brave.

I must cast away my fears and take the next step.



And do the impossible, in order to achieve the unimaginable.

Taking in everything, through the eyes of a child.

To find happiness, I must take on the world, Climb all the mountains, and weather all the storms.



© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu



A feather, light and airy,

A symbol of flight and grace.

But what if it was heavy,

Would it still keep its place?

What if a feather, once so light,

Became a weight too much to bear?

Would it fall from lofty heights,

And sink into the air?


Perhaps it would drift slowly down,

To rest upon the ground.

A thing of beauty, still and proud,

But its flight forever bound.


Yet the feather holds a special power,

For it reminds us that even when life’s burden seems to tower,

We can still find strength within,

And rise above our weight.


For even a feather heavy can still find a way to elevate.

It teaches us to persevere and carry on with all our might.

For heavy is the burden we bear,

But our spirit can still take flight.


So let us hold our heads up high,

And face each day with grace.

For though our burdens may be heavy,

We can still find our rightful place.


As we journey through this life,

With its twists and turns and bends,

Let us remember the weight we carry,

Is but a feather in the end.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Dramatic Sunset



As the sun sets on what once was,

A feeling of loss settles in.

Memories of the past flood the mind,

And a sense of sadness begins.


But even as the darkness falls,

A glimmer of hope appears.

For with each passing moment,

The dawn of a new day nears.


As the sun rises in the east,

A sense of happiness grows.

Newfound joys and possibilities,

A future that overflows.


And though the past may still linger,

Its hold on us begins to fade.

For with each sunrise that we witness,

A new life we have made.


So, let the sunset be a reminder,

Of all that we have lost.

But let the sunrise be a beacon,

Of all that we have gained at last.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Vase With Irises


Of Friends gained and love lost.

Nothing behind me everything ahead of me.


Of fleeting beauty and the laughter that remains.

Time passed and wisdom gained.


As we turn the pages of our lives,

We try to live as in poetry.


With stubbornness we re-write our dreams.

Trying to change destiny that was written with a golden pen.


And in old age we revise our work.

We laugh, we cry, but, in the end we accept everything as fate.


The ghost of the past always lurking near,

Trying to pull you down into the abyss.


The fight to keep holding on is always the hardest,

But quitting is never an option.

​© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Aerial View of a Drone


Your love is like a dove,

Soaring high above,

With such a powerful force,

No one can alter its course.

​© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Astronomical Clock

Ticking Clock

Ticking clock, don't you ever stop,
Marking the moments as they pass by.
Each second a treasure to be held,
For time is a gift we can't deny.


Tick-tock, the sound echoes in my ear,
As the hours slip away from me.
Life is a journey, a precious gift,
But we can't hold it eternally.


Days pass like whispers in the wind,
As the years melt away like snow.
And in the end, what will remain,
Are the memories we choose to sow.


So let us make the most of time,
And cherish every single day.
For every moment that we waste,
Is a priceless gift thrown away.


Tick-tock, the clock keeps ticking on,
As we journey through life's winding road.
But with each step, we can make our mark,
And leave behind a legacy to behold.


Ticking clock, keep ticking away,
For time is a gift we can't ignore.
Let us use every moment we're given,
And make this life worth living for.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Fantasy Gaming



In the mind of a poet

Horses have wings

Birds sing with melodies that rhyme

Dreams dance above the clouds


In the mind of a poet

The eyes speak a thousand words

Every heartbeat is a note

Love is a source of life


In the mind of a poet

There is no good or bad

Just happy faces floating about

Lovers speak with their hearts and kiss with their mouths


In the mind of a poet

The moon and the stars whisper to each other

Every sunrise is a verse

And every sunset is a song

​© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Night Sky with Stars

LAILA (Night's beauty)

Laila, night’s beauty,

Your beauty is beyond compare,

You embody the night,

Filling my heart with care.


Your eyes are bright like the stars,

Your lips are soft like a rose,

Your heart, so gentle and kind,

Calms my trouble woes.


Laila night’s beauty,

Your beauty I cannot deny,

You embody the night,

My love for you will never die.

​© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

MInecraft Castle


Your hugs and kisses make me feel so blessed,

Your presence in my life is a true gift,

Your innocence and curiosity,

Your courage and strength,

Your intelligence and wit,

Your kindness and compassion,

Your spirit and your heart,

Fill me with so much love and pride,

My son, you are my everything.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Blue Flowers


Blessings of love,

so sweet and true,

My heart is filled with gratitude.

Your presence in my life, so dear,

A blessing I hold so near.

Your love is like a gentle breeze,

It fills my heart with joy and ease.

Your kind words, so full of grace,

Bring me comfort in every place.

Your gentle touch, so warm and kind,

Makes me feel so safe and fine.

Your smile, so bright and full of life,

Makes me feel so blessed and alive.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

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