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Black Marble


Pink Gradient


The stars glide through the night in a celestial ballet,

Galaxies spin the sky in brilliant shades.

Colorful tales from Nebula's pallet,

Cosmic dance, in a stunning display!


Astral jewels orbit, a heavenly stride.

Mysteries whispered in the universe wide.

Endless wonder in each breathtaking sight,

Unveiling the universe's limitless might.

Copyright ©️ Hadiza Bagudu 2023

Pink Gradient


In quiet whispers, a legend of grace,

Flawless radiance, time can't erase.

A painted masterpiece, colors that entice,

Each hue and shade, love's own design.


Unmasking dreams with every gaze,

Sophistication in every brief step.

A harmonious blend of soul and essence

Flawless beauty, a priceless presence.

©️ 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Emerald Platinum Earrings
Pink Gradient


In the serenity of your inner being,

Where the heart and mind are unbound.

Pay heed to the whispers of your spirit,

For in the quiet, truth is found.

Cherish yourself wholeheartedly,

And paint a masterpiece of love.

Embrace the tranquillity and allow it to exist,

For in the quiet,  secrets unfold.

Take a moment to breath, and let peace reign,

Happiness resides in the hush,

So, welcome the quiet, my dear friend,

And let love be the solution!

©️ 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Pink Gradient


Up on a hill where the skies are grey,

A lonesome blue flower swayed and lay,

Its petals wilted, its spirits low,

A melancholic scene for sure.


The bloom, once teeming with vitality,

Unblemished, an azure beauty to see,

Its tired crown now hung so low,

As dewdrops weep and freely flow.


The wind mourns with each and every breath,

As the flower inches closer to its death.

Nevermore to bask in the sun's warm embrace,

Like many, its journey has come to an end.


So, let us mourn this flower blue,

And bid adieu to this beauty, rare and true.

For in its passing, a lesson to be learned,

That beauty fades, but life will carry on.


© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Image by Raúl Cacho Oses
Pink Gradient


Amidst the chaos of war and destruction,
Where fear is rampant and blood is shed,
Brave souls stand with unbroken spirit,
As the world around them is decimated.


They face the storm, unbroken and unbowed,
Through the darkest of hours, they stood strong.
Through sorrow and agony, their courage is found,
Guided by their unwavering faith in God.


War's cold touch, can't steal their grace
Standing tall and firm on a sacred base
Deep within them, the power to mend,
Brave souls, unbroken and unbowed to the end.

2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Pink Gradient


Satin-skinned, crimson beauty, Delicate to the touch,
Smooth and lustrous,
Silken petals caress the senses.

Its fragrance fills the air,
Ethereal in its beauty,
Dancing with grace,
Tender petals of elegance.

©️ 2023 Hadiza Bagudu 

DALL·E 2023-12-18 06.30.20 - A beautiful representation of a full moon illuminating the ni
Pink Gradient


Full moon so fair, so bright!
A silver jewel in the sky,
You illuminate the darkest night,
With a warm and gentle light.

Your presence calms my troubled heart.,
With memories of a love far apart,
A dream of peace and solace.
A promise to be united at last.

A traveler’s guide a constant friend,
Through every twist and bend,
A reprieve in times of strain,
A loyal companion to the end

Oh moon, my love transient,
I lose myself in your warm embrace.
A soothing relief for every pain
A vision of beauty and grace


​© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Pink Gradient


A taste of home, a symbol of our land,

A humble dish, comfort in a bowl.

A staple we all love, day and night.

Satisfying and nourishing, hot or cold.

2023 Hadiza Bagudu

DALL·E 2023-12-18 07.07.37 - A bowl of garri, a popular West African food, served in a sim
DALL·E 2023-12-20 22.22.58 - A serene scene of a field of pink roses under a starry night
Pink Gradient

(Night's Beauty)

Laila, night’s beauty,

Your beauty is beyond compare,

You embody the night,

Filling my heart with care.


Your eyes are bright like the stars,

Your lips are soft like a rose,

Your heart, so gentle and kind,

Calms my trouble woes.


Laila night’s beauty,

Your beauty I cannot deny,

You embody the night,

My love for you will never die.


© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Pink Gradient


The prettiest eyes I have ever seen.

In their gaze, my heart's held fast.

From the depth of the oceans unleashed,

Like two sapphires trapped in glass.

Gleaming with true love's eternal sheen,

Of a natural beauty unsurpassed.

The promise of an endless dream,

And a love that's bound to last.


© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Pink Gradient


Your love,

Is like a dove,

Soaring high above,

With such a powerful force,

No one can alter its course!


© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

Pink Gradient


In the mind of a poet,

Horses have wings.

Birds sing with melodies that rhyme.

Dreams dance above the clouds.


In the mind of a poet,

The eyes speak a thousand words.

Every heartbeat is a note.

Love is a source of life.


In the mind of a poet,

There is no good or bad,

Just happy faces floating about.

Lovers speak with their hearts, and kiss with their mouths.


In the mind of a poet,

The moon and the stars whisper to each other.

Every sunrise is a verse,

And every sunset is a song.

© 2023 Hadiza Bagudu

DALL·E 2023-12-21 00.20.30 - A scene depicting an old, abandoned car being overtaken by na
Pink Gradient


Whispers of legends dwell in the shadows,

Forgotten tales buried in the past.

A bygone era, its brilliance now lost,

Quietly moving through the corridors of time.

Remnants of the past, faint but clear.


Cherished memories, once precious and close,

Sounds of laughter, now distant and hushed.

On the canvas of time, they quietly sketch.

Unspoken tales, dreams cast away,

Echoes of the forgotten, a treasure to unearth.

Copyright ©️ Hadiza Bagudu

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