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**DAY 2: LEARNING FROM SETBACKS ** Last night, sleep eluded me until 4 a.m., and during those restless hours, I made a mistake. I gave in to the allure of cookies, a decision I regret but also a lesson learned.

**Breakfast (12:30 pm):**

I started my day with a hearty breakfast, enjoying "masa" and a comforting soup. A nourishing way to begin the day.

**Afternoon Delight (4 pm):**

As the day progressed, I savored a dish of fried plantains and eggs, a delightful combination of flavors.

**Evening Fare (7 pm):**

For dinner, I opted for boiled yam accompanied by a flavorful stew, a satisfying and wholesome choice.

**Nighttime Soothe (9 pm):**

As the day wound down, I found solace in a cup of ginger tea, sweetened with honey, a warm and soothing elixir.

------ Today, I chose to rest and skipped my exercise routine. It's essential to listen to our bodies and give them the rest they need. Every day is a new opportunity on this journey, and setbacks are a chance to learn and grow. I'm committed to making wiser choices moving forward, focusing on my path to transformation. Stay tuned as I continue to share my progress, insights, and the triumphs of this journey in my upcoming blog.



- Masa and vegetable soup - 300-400 calories.

- Fried plantains and eggs -300 to 500 calories.

- Boiled yam and stew - 400-600 calories.

- A cup of ginger tea sweetened with honey - 20-50 calories.

(350 calories + 400 calories + 500 calories + 35 calories) = 1,285 calories (approximate total calorie count for the day)


Hey there, fabulous readers!

Big thanks for being a part of my incredible journey. I'm Hadiza Bagudu, a mom, blogger, poet, author, and podcaster. Don't miss out on my other exciting blogs—I can't wait to share more adventures with you. Stay awesome!


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