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Hadiza Bagudu
Dec 26, 2023
In Round Table
Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I wanted to start a conversation here about something that's been on my mind lately – the role of social media platforms in restricting and banning content, and how it affects our understanding of free speech. It's no secret that social media platforms have become a primary means of communication for billions of people worldwide. However, as these platforms have grown in influence, they've also taken on the responsibility of moderating content to maintain a safe and conducive online environment. But here's the big question: What do you think about social media platforms placing bans and restrictions on free speech? Some argue that these measures are necessary to combat hate speech, misinformation, and harassment, while others believe they can stifle free expression and lead to censorship. Do you think these platforms strike the right balance? Are there specific cases or examples that come to mind where you feel social media companies got it right or wrong? Let's dive into this complex and timely topic. Share your thoughts, experiences, and perspectives below, and let's have a thoughtful and respectful discussion about the impact of social media on free speech. Hadiza Bagudu Admin Round Table
Title: "The Impact of Social Media on Free Speech: Bans and Restrictions"
 content media
Hadiza Bagudu
Dec 25, 2023
In Round Table
Hello AWOKEN Forum Members, I'm excited to welcome you to AWOKEN, your platform for open and friendly discussions. Here, your voice matters, so dive in, share your thoughts, and sit at my round table let's connect through meaningful conversations. Please check our guidelines, introduce yourself, and explore the engaging discussions happening right now. Looking forward to your contributions, Hadiza Bagudu AWOKEN Forum Administrator
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