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Concrete Wall


"Unlock your imagination with the power of my poetic words!"

Fall Foliage


Of Friends gained and love lost.

Nothing behind me everything ahead of me.


Of fleeting beauty and the laughter that remains.

Time passed and wisdom gained.


As we turn the pages of our lives,

We try to live as in poetry.


With stubbornness we re-write our dreams.

Trying to change destiny that was written with a golden pen.


And in old age we revise our work.

We laugh, we cry, but, in the end we accept everything as fate.


The ghost of the past always lurking near,

Trying to pull you down into the abyss.


The fight to keep holding on is always the hardest,

But quitting is never an option.

Aerial View of a Drone



Your love is like a dove

Soaring high above

With such a powerful force

No one can alter its course

Fantasy Gaming




In the mind of a poet

Horses have wings

Birds sing with melodies that rhyme

Dreams dance above the clouds


In the mind of a poet

The eyes speak a thousand words

Every heartbeat is a note

Love is a source of life


In the mind of a poet

There is no good or bad

Just happy faces floating about

Lovers speak with their hearts and kiss with their mouths


In the mind of a poet

The moon and the stars whisper to each other

Every sunrise is a verse

And every sunset is a song


LAILA (Night's beauty)


Laila, night’s beauty,

Your beauty is beyond compare,

You embody the night,

Filling my heart with care.


Your eyes are bright like the stars,

Your lips are soft like a rose,

Your heart, so gentle and kind,

Calms my trouble woes.


Laila night’s beauty,

Your beauty I cannot deny,

You embody the night,

My love for you will never die.



Your hugs and kisses make me feel so blessed,

Your presence in my life is a true gift,

Your innocence and curiosity,

Your courage and strength,

Your intelligence and wit,

Your kindness and compassion,

Your spirit and your heart,

Fill me with so much love and pride,

My son, you are my everything.

DSC_5881 copy.JPG


Blessings of love,

so sweet and true,

My heart is filled with gratitude.

Your presence in my life, so dear,

A blessing I hold so near.

Your love is like a gentle breeze,

It fills my heart with joy and ease.

Your kind words, so full of grace,

Bring me comfort in every place.

Your gentle touch, so warm and kind,

Makes me feel so safe and fine.

Your smile, so bright and full of life,

Makes me feel so blessed and alive.

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