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Munir arrived home, to receive the bad news that his adopted brothers had successfully sold the Islamiyah to a large Islamic school conglomerate called Model Islamic College. He was monumentally disappointed. Even worse, he was also homeless.


“I am so, sorry Munir. I had no choice. They forced me to.” His brother Lawal said. He was the closest to him, the one they shared a room with, and the eldest of the Sheik’s sons.

“Really, did they put a gun to your head?” Munir was very angry

“Haba, Munir. I have apologized several times. What do you want me to do?

”You promised me that you will not sell it, no matter what. You know how much that school meant to Malam, and I gave him my word that I will continue to run it even after his death.”

“What can I do? They went through Hajiya Babba, and she came down on me, hard. I can’t say no to her. She is my mother.” Munir didn’t say anything. He was too upset to speak, so Lawal continued. “Hey, take solace in the fact that it was sold to an Islamic college. I am sure they will continue to run it as an Islamiyah.”

“But what about the school fees? I am sure they will increase it so much that the poor will not be able to afford it. Have you forgotten what that Islamiyah meant to Malam and what it stood for?”

“What can I say, Munir? The school was breaking down with no money for its upkeep. It would have soon closed anyway. We all agreed that it was better we sold it while it still had some value.”

“How much did they buy it for?”

“Thirty-Five Million Naira.”

“Munir was heartbroken. Firstly, because that Islamiyah was worth more than that, especially because of the land it was sitting on. Secondly, to him, it was priceless, because of what it represented and lastly, even if he wanted to get it back, the N500, 000 that the late Alhaji Suleiman gave him will not cover it, and he was sure that they had already shared the money among themselves anyway. So, he just handed the check over to Lawal.

“What is this for?”

“I told you I was going to look for funding for the school. This is what I was able to get so far. Add it to your inheritance.”


“I cannot accept this Munir. It belongs to you.”

“No. It belongs to the Islamiyah, which is your Inheritance. Therefore, it is yours.”

“Well, since you didn’t inherit anything by law, I suppose you can keep it.”

“No, I can never! The penalty for consuming someone else’s inheritance is hellfire. I cannot take even one kobo of it.” He shook his head.

“Please, let me do something for you then, come and stay with me and my wife. I have bought a house now in Sabon Gari. You can stay in the guest room.”

“Thank you. I will accept because I don’t have anywhere else to go. But it is only temporary. I intend to get a job and take care of myself.”

“Ok.” Lawal took him in and even gave him N100, 000, from his own share of the Inheritance, and persisted until he accepted it. It was a gift from him and therefore, halal.


“I am very sorry, my son.” Malam Tanko said. They had met the next day, to go to Alhaji Suleiman’s house to visit his widow and deliver her husband’s belongings to her. Munir had told him what happened, and Malam Tanko could feel the pain in his voice.

“I guess that is Allah’s will. Maybe Allah has something else in mind for me. I must be patient.”

Malam Tanko was impressed by his level of faith and Sabr. “I am sure what Allah has in store for you is much better. Take heart, my son.”

“Thank you.”

They went to Alhaji Suleiman’s house at Sultan Road, Kano, and were received warmly by his widow Walida and her mother Jamila. They told her everything that had happened while they were in Maccah and how they considered him lucky to have died a Martyr’s death. That should give her some comfort, at least. They also told her about the money he gave them, and she said she wasn’t surprised. Her husband was a generous man while he was alive. They prayed for her and the children, promised to visit her from time to time, to check on her and the children; and then they departed.


While they were in Dubai, Alhaji Kura met up with Alhaji Bala Abdul Mumini, Nana Aisha’s Fiancé and informed him that the wedding is off. He did not take it well. He was angry at Alhaji Kura and accused him of insulting his honor. He saw the marriage as an opportunity to gain a powerful ally in Alhaji Kura and to gain favor from him. Alhaji Bala was a businessman, and clothes merchant, who thought his marriage to Alhaji Kura’s daughter will lead to a lucrative business partnership with the Kura industry, with massive gains. By calling off the wedding, even if Alhaji Kura still extends his business hand, it will not be the same and he was hurt.

Alhaji Kura and his wife tried to calm him down, but he wasn’t having it and even threatened to get back at him, claiming that he had already made announcements and arrangements for the wedding and now he would be embarrassed in front of everyone.

Luckily for Nana Aisha, that still didn’t break her father’s resolve or make him change his mind. He promised her that she was free from the man, and he kept his word, despite the pressure and regardless of the consequences. She loved him even more for that.


As soon as they got back from Dubai, Nana Aisha went to Al-Noor, Islamiyah to find Munir, but was disappointed to find that it had been sold, so, she tried to find where he lived and was directed to the late Sheik Abdullahi’s house where she was redirected to Lawal’s house. She went there but was told that he had left to find a job. So, she left a message for him to call back as soon as he got home. When he didn’t call, she checked on him again the next day. He wasn’t there, then by the third day, she was about to leave Lawal’s house in anger and disappointment when she ran into him as he was coming back from a job search. He was surprised to see her and was speechless.

Salamu Alaikum” She said. “You are a hard person to find.

“I am sorry. I meant to call the Hajiya, but I didn’t know that you were back from Dubai.”

“It’s ok. My mother didn’t send me.”

“Ok. So, what can I do for you then?”

“Well… I heard about what happened to your Islamiyah. I am really sorry about it.”

“It is Allah’s will.”

“Yes, it is.” She said. “So, how goes the job search?”

“Not very successful, I am afraid. But what can I do?”

“Did you apply to your old school?” His face hardened.

“I don’t think they would want me there.”

“How do you know? You haven’t even tried.”

“Why will they hire me? They are a big conglomerate and will probably prefer someone with at least a degree. I don’t have one.”

“But you have experience. That is priceless. No one knows the school more than you do. That makes you an asset.”

Subhana Allah! I did not think of that.” He paused and pondered for a few seconds.

“But what if they see me as a threat, I mean, what if they don’t value my experience?”

“What is the harm in trying? You will never know what will happen unless you try.” Munir was surprised and impressed by her. She was much more amazing than the spoilt socialite that everyone was talking about. She was an amazing and intelligent woman, who was also kind.

“Thank You, Nana Aisha. I will try, In Sha Allah.”

“Ok. I will be going home now.”

“Oh, where are my manners? Please come in and have a drink of water, at least.”

“It’s ok. Your brother’s wife treated me kindly. But here is my phone number, call me after you go to the Islamiyah and tell me how it went.” He accepted the number and she left. He doesn’t want to admit it, but she had given him renewed hope.


The next day, Munir was nervous as he met the new President of the school. Renovations were taking place and he happened to be there, inspecting the work.

Salamu Alaikum, brother Munir.” The President walked over to shake him and welcomed him with a big smile. “We have been expecting you. But we were told that you went for Hajj.”

“Yes, I did…but…”

“How lucky that I came to inspect the renovations today, I would have missed you. Please, come with me.” He took him to one of the newly renovated offices. Munir could hardly recognize it.

“Subhana Allah! So many changes.” He exclaimed.

“Yes. Wonderful, isn’t it? Please have a seat.”

He sat down. “You said that you have been expecting me?”

“Yes. We were. You see, after we bought the school, we realized that we needed a caretaker for it, someone who will care for the school and manage it like no other. Well, who knows this school or loves it as much as you?”

“I am sorry, are you offering me a job?”

“Yes. I want you to be the caretaker for the new Model Islamic College, Kano branch, and this is your office.”

“What?” Munir wasn’t expecting that. In the past three months, he had resorted to taking home tutoring jobs for some students of the rich, to make ends meet. He even worked as a laborer on a construction site for a few weeks, where he was paid N1500 per day.

“You also have a salary of N100,000 naira per month, plus Medical expenses and Eid Bonuses.” The President continued as Munir was staring at him with his mouth open. “That is, of course, if you accept our humble offer.


“Congratulations! I am very happy for you.” Nana Aisha said. He had called her frantically as soon as he left the school. They met at Mama Cass restaurant to talk.

“I cannot believe it. It turned out better than I expected, and you were right too, it was a good thing I asked.” Then he pondered for a few seconds. “Wait a minute. Is it you? Did you talk to him on my behalf?”

“No, I swear. I just had a feeling that they will want you. Everybody knows how much you loved that school. Any intelligent businessman will want to keep you. I know, I am a businessman’s daughter.”

Munir smiled. “Thank you. For the confidence you had in me and for pushing me to go for the interview. “

“You are welcome.” She noticed that he was sad again. “What is it?”

“I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but, with all these new changes and the huge salaries, I am sure that they will inflate the school fees. Many people will not afford it and that is not what Malam had in mind when he started the school.” When the Model Islamic College bought the Islamiyah, they introduced new subjects such as mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, economics, social studies, integrated science, and home economics. They made the school WAEC standard and Munir was afraid that it was too expensive for his old students.

“I know. I understand and it’s unfortunate. But right now, you need to take care of yourself first. Then you can find other ways to help your old students, as much as you can. You don’t know what Allah will do tomorrow.”

“Oh my God!”

“What is it now?”

“I need your forgiveness.”

“Really, For what?”

“I used to think bad about you. The things people say about you. I used to believe some of them. I had no right. I didn’t even know you back then, yet I judged you. Please forgive me.”

She paused for a while. Munir was afraid that she hates him. “It’s ok. Some of the things they said were true.”

“It doesn’t matter. It wasn’t my place to judge you. I am so, sorry.”

“It’s ok. Let’s start over as friends.”

“Ok.” He said.


With Nana Aisha’s encouragement, Munir asked for three months' advance on his salary, which he used to rent an apartment at Unguwa Uku for N120 000 a year and furnished it with N100,000. He then moved out of his brother's house to his own apartment. It felt good. She came to visit him at the Islamiyah almost every day and bought food and snacks. Even though he kept on protesting and wouldn’t accept any financial help from her, she argued that it was the food that she cooked herself and not something she bought, so, it was ok for him to accept.

She told him everything about her past and he said it was ok. No one is perfect. He also encouraged her to go back to the University and complete her Degree in Mass communication. She had dropped out of school in the second year due to drugs and scandals.

He was also impressed by her understanding of Islamic knowledge. Her parents had spared no expense in getting her Islamic education. She could even speak Arabic fluently. It was unfortunate that Zakari was able to undo everything her parents had worked hard for. But he was glad that they found each other. He prayed to Allah to help him guide her.

She, in turn, encouraged him to start a free class at the Islamiyah, on the weekends to help those his old students, who could not afford to pay the expensive school fees. She even offered to help teach them the Arabic language for free. He sought permission from the school authorities and was granted.

“You see, I told you, there will be a way to help them.” She told him, after the first day of free classes. Everything turned out better than they had expected.

“Yes, you did, Nana Aisha. You are an amazing person.”

“Thank you.” She smiled, shyly.

“I am so honored to know you.”

“Me too.”


On her way home that day, she stopped to get some things at Sahad stores. She just got out of her car in the car park when she heard a familiar voice behind her and she turned around, startled.

“I have been trying to get to you.”

“Zakari!” She gasped.

“Why didn’t you call me as soon as you got back? I have tried to call you, but your phones are all dead. Your security won’t let me into your house and your father threatened to shoot me on sight”

“Zakari…I…am sorry, but my father doesn’t want us together anymore.”

“Come on Nana. Why are you listening to him? You know I love you”

“I can’t..”

He walked over to her and tried to grab her hand, but she moved it away from him.

“Haba my Nana. What’s wrong? Did your father threaten you? Or wait, have you changed your mind? Do you want to marry that old man, now?”

“Look, Zakari. Please just go away and leave me alone.”

He grabbed her forcefully. “Talk to me Nana, why are you avoiding me?”

“Leave me alone!” She snapped at him, but he wouldn’t let go. She started to panic. Zakari was a drug addict and had a temper. He had never hurt her because he loved her. But she was aware of his outbursts, and she was scared.

“Let her go!” A familiar male voice ordered. Zakari let her go and turned around to face Alhaji Qasim Yahaya.

“It’s none of your business, sir, go away.” He said.

“Are you ok, Nana Aisha?” He completely ignored Zakari and talked to Nana Aisha directly.

“Yes, I am.” She was beyond relieved.

“Good, go with my wife into the mall, I will catch up with you in a moment.” That was when she noticed Hajiya Safiya and the children, standing near their dark green Toyota Highlander hybrid, parked just a few feet away. She ran to them and Hajiya Safiya hugged her

“Look, Sir, I said it’s none of your business. Stay out of this.”

“And what if I don’t, what are you going to do to me? Alhaji Qasim walked slowly, but boldly, directly towards Zakari until he was very close and looked him right in the eyes. Nana Aisha had never seen him like that. He was exuding a terrifying aura and she could tell that Zakari was afraid of him, and she was right because he just turned around and walked away like a coward.

She went with them into the mall and did all their shopping together. Afterward, they went to a Chinese restaurant and had dinner to catch up and reminisce about their Hajj journey. For the first time since the Hajj, she was glad she had met Hajiya Safiya, and now that the woman is on good terms with her husband, she could see what a jovial and terrific person she was. The woman bragged to Nana Aisha about how her husband used to be a champion wrestler in their university days and how she was his biggest fan. Nana Aisha realized that Zakari made the right decision by walking away. Fighting him would not have ended well for him.

After dinner, at around 8 P.M, they escorted her back to her parents’ house in Nasarawa by driving behind her. She invited them in to greet her parents and they thanked them for looking out for their daughter.


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