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By: Abdul-Jalal Musa


Hello guys. I am joe and this is my journal. It is a record of my day-to-day activities, showcasing all the hilarities that comes with being an 8-year-old boy, growing up in Abuja.

I am not very good at drawing, but I have still added illustration for you to see and understand what my life is like. I got the idea to this from my favorite book series-Diary of a wimpy kid.


Episode 1:

So, my dad woke me up this morning. I was really tired, but I had to wake up, then I entered the shower and washed myself.

I am on a holiday from school, right now, so, I just watch tv. Ummi made breakfast for me, and I ate it. It was delicious.

I love to read my favorite book- Diary of a wimpy kid, every day and night.

I checked on my sister and she wasn’t around. Then I remembered that she had gone to her friend’s house, and that was when my mother called me to come and pray.





I went up to her room, and then performed an ablution and prayed Fajr Sallah. I then went back downstairs and continued to watch TV while waiting for my sister to come home.

I like to play the game called Poppy Playtime. There is chapter one and two of the game and a new teaser trailer for chapter 3 came out 4 days ago and its going to be released in 2023. I am so excited!


Man, I haven’t written in this journal in a while. I need to be consistent. Anyway, I just came back from school. “Lemme” tell you how it went.












So, Ummi came and woke me up this morning, and once again, I was really tired. But I forced myself to get up and took a shower and got dressed. I then put my “Islamiyah” books in my school bag and then went to the parlor to watch TV, But, it was great because Laila was not done yet so I watched TV for a loooong time But Eventually my mom snapped. She was shouting at her to get ready, while I was enjoying my last seconds of TV.



Once I got to school, it looked the same.

After school, I got to Islamiyah, and it wasn’t great.

















Anyway, when I got in the car the driver opened the window for us, and as soon











as I got home, I greeted my mom. She told me about how I can write a book and I am pretty sure I liked it.




Well, this leads to now, I am tired see ya later.

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