It is a collection of poems about Love,


Life, Happiness and Faith. Short and


Sweet, with a musical theme to it,


Hadiza’s ‘With Love’ is sure to provide


the reader with hours of poetic




Tell me, whose heart is beating?

Yours or mine?


Together they form a sweet melody

You and me


People get jealous of us, and bad mouth us

Here and there


But we will be together for life, no matter what.

I think about you my darling

Night and day


I love everything about you

Good or bad


You are the one I want to be with

Good times or bad ones


You are the one I want

Now and forever


And I will always love you, as long as I live


You are more beautiful than the night

Moon and stars



More precious than all the jewels in the world

Diamond and gold


And I never will stop wanting you

More and more


Loving you is what I will do

Forever more


You are the only one in my heart, I owe you my life

Loving you gives me joy


Makes me a better person

And gave me a reason to live


Don’t ever leave me baby

I will never leave you

Even if it cost me my life…….


Baby, don’t you see, there are only two answers to a question

Yes and no


But when it comes to our love, there is no

Yes or no


I will love you with my body

Heart and soul


Because to me, there will never be another like you

No, no


I will forever be grateful to you, and love you to the end of time


My darling………………………………………………………..